Growing Outdoors

We are currently growing outdoors in Virgin Utah with plans of expansion into Louisiana in 2020. The 2014 farm bill established a research pilot program that allowed us to begin our journey. We experimented on our germination process, time frame of vegetative growth before planting in the ground, planting in augured holes, planting in a raised bed and planting a suicide grow. We also experimented flood irrigation and drip line irrigation as methods of watering. While Utah and Louisiana have vastly different climates, our lessens learned in Utah have already payed off in our designs for our Louisiana locations.  

Growing in a greenhouse

Growing in a greenhouse has many benefits but adds to startup costs when first starting out but once you have your greenhouse built, the investment can have great returns. Depending on where you are growing would determine what greenhouse design  you would choose. Choose wisely and make sure to seek out advise before making your investment. If done right, you will have a better quality product compared to growing outdoors. That better product will in turn yield higher profits. 

Growing with light deprivation

Growing in a greenhouse has many advantages and one big one is light deprivation. This technique allows you to grow year round by utilizing supplemental lighting and a blackout system which allows you to trick the plant into vegging with the lights on and flowering when you turn the lights off. While this is a simplistic explanation, you would want to seek advice to make sure you understand all the aspects of this type of growing operation. Growing year round allows you to have  3,4 or 5 harvests a year depending on how you set up your operation. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.