Do you need help?

Growing hemp can be a daunting task, plus harvesting, drying and then trying to find the best price for your harvest. Virgin Hemp Farms would like to help you navigate your journey to success. 

Genetic Research

Choosing your strain is the most important part of starting your farm. With hundreds of options to choose from it is best to talk to someone who knows what grows best in your climate. Not only do we assist farmers in making that choice, we can also provide you a nutrient feeding schedule that best suits your growing environment, 

Seed acquisition

Once your genetic research is done, we are partnered with some of the best farms out there and can procure the highest quality seed, clone or starter plants out on the market. 

Greenhouse Design

 Believe it or not, a greenhouse can be set up a different ways giving you different results. Do you want to grow one crop a year or 5? This can be done with a greenhouse or high tunnel.  

Growing methods

Growing hemp has evolved into an art. You might want to keep it simple and grow in mass quantities for the fiber, you may want to grow in a greenhouse for the best quality flower, you may want to grow hydroponically, or deep culture, or in pots in a soil less medium. Every option has its own challenges. Let us help you figure this out.

Harvesting and drying

Your growing method  would determine how you would have to harvest. If you plan on selling your flowers for smoking then you harvest manually, if you are growing for bio mass then you have other options for harvesting.  You have spent all this time growing your crop so make sure you take care of it during harvest.

Selling your product

Finally! It is time to get paid! The question is where do you plan on selling it. We have distribution channels set up to broker your sale. Do not try to venture into this blindly. You have a great chance of loosing out in potential profits. Give us a call for some guidance. 

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